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Meet your kid's favorite new summer hat- The Deluxe Lifeguard. This is one hat that they will beg to wear on every adventure all summer long. 

The Deluxe Lifeguard is the perfect mixture of a cowboy hat and a traditional straw beach hat. But we warn you- you might end up with a certified beach cowboy!

Whether they want to spend the day kayaking, fishing, beach combing, or just playing outside, SBC's Logo Lifeguard will keep the sun off their face and they will feel and look cool while they enjoy all their favorite outdoor activities. 

The Deluxe Lifeguard is an exceptionally high quality straw hat that features an etched patch as well as a chin cord with breakaway toggle. The cord is adjustable so that even in the windiest of beach days they can still enjoy their hat and the shade it provides. 

The Deluxe Lifeguard features a blue coastal themed fabric under the brim to keep him both both and stylish!

The front signature patch is etched with SBC's signature logo. This completes the look that every little boy will love. 

Available in two sizes to accommodate every Saltwater Boy. 


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