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Glass drink dispenser features water hyacinth stand.


Nested set of two woven trays with side handles. Sold separately


Water hyacinth bread baskets with wood bead rims. Sold separately 


2-piece set. Terracotta wine cooler rests in water hyacinth sleeve. Place terracotta in cold water for 20 minutes and then chill in fridge for 1 hour or place briefly in the freezer before use.


3-piece set. Two stoneware soap pumps rest in water hyacinth basket.


Water hyacinth baskets feature wood bead rims. small 9" x 12" dia | large 11" x 14" dia  


3-piece set. Stoneware bowl comes with water hyacinth basket and wood serving utensils.


2-piece set. Paulownia wood fish shaped board. Comes with embroidered waffle weave towel.


2-piece set. Five-sectioned water hyacinth tray. Comes with pack of 12 paper cocktail napkins.


3-piece set. Woven water hyacinth basket holds four-sectioned stoneware server with center well to hold included pack of toothpicks.


3-piece set. Water hyacinth basket holds pack of 12 paper napkins and ceramic salt and pepper shaker set.


Nested set of two woven water hyacinth baskets feature wood bead rims and jute wrapped handles.


Woven water hyacinth bread basket with removable canvas lining.


4-piece set. Three glazed stoneware dip cups come in seagrass basket.


Braided seagrass baskets with wood bead handles. Sold separately


2-piece set. Seagrass chip server. Comes with glazed stoneware dip bowl.


Woven seagrass and water hyacinth tray with side handles.

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